Shaders examples not working on rPi with oF 0.9.7

I’m testing the shaders example on rPi with oF 0.9.7 and most of them don’t work. I’m testing on raspian jessie with oF arm6 release on rPi3 and rPi2. All of the examples need this change to the main.cpp:

int main( ){

	ofGLESWindowSettings settings;
	settings.glesVersion = 2;
	// this kicks off the running of my app
	// pass in width and height too:
	ofRunApp(new ofApp());

after this change, the result are these:

01_simpleColorQuad ---------------> working
02_simpleVertexDisplacement -----> working
03_simpleShaderInteraction -------> working
04_simpleTexturing ----------------> not working, no texture shown
05_alphaMasking ------------------> not working, the tiled pattern with some white is shown, no zebra when clicking
06_multiTexture --------------------> not working, red, green and RGB mask shown but not shader result
07_fboAlphaMask ------------------> working
08_displacementMap --------------> not working, grid is shown with correct alpha but there is no vertex dispacing

i wanted to use those examples as a starting point for porting some shaders, as i’m not that good with GLSL-ES and i needed a “safe” starting point, it seems there is mostly something that isn’t working with textures