Shader-web-background - fragment shaders as an immersive web experience

It’s not directly related to openFrameworks, but I thought that many people in this community can also benefit from such a tool.

I wanted to use Shadertoy-style fragment shaders, multipass/multibuffer, as more immersive experience in my regular web development practice. I tried several tools already available, but none of them was meeting my expectations. So I created my own minimal wrapper around WebGL, assuring maximal compatibility with any hardware, while keeping floating point textures for feedback loops and things like fluid simulations.

It finally allows me to see the web browser as a creative coding environment, where shaders can be mixed with responsive web design, already GPU accelerated CSS animations, where feedback can simulate parallax scrolling, and any API, like device orientation, can easily become part of the experience. The project is released under GPL. It does not impose any naming conventions for uniforms, so can be seamlessly made compatible with many existing shaders.

Hople it will be helpful for you as well.