shader Sandbox - image processing shader collection/examples

I’ve had issues with learning how to properly integrate shaders for a while, so this was sort of an exercise to make myself learn them a little better in OF. I came from a Jitter background, so some of these are just borrowed from that.

If anyone notices that I’m improperly re-distributing code, please let me know if theres a better way to do it or if I should just remove that stuff. I really just meant this as a tutorial/exercise since I was having trouble finding similar examples.

Examples include:
-Bloom (borrowed from astellato’s bloom example somewhere on the forum)
-Sort of Gaussian Blur
-Fish Eye
-BRCOSA ( Brightness, contrast, saturation )
-Cartesian to polar
-Chromatic Abberation (borrowed from Hodgkin’s Eyeo examples)
-LumaKey (not working yet I think…)

No promises about them running on your graphics card.

Will eventually add better commenting to explain the process better for beginners…stuff like the FBO processing can get a little tricky.

I also welcome criticisms/suggestions…just something I was interested in and have been meaning to give back to the community for a while.

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Thank you very much, I’m just starting on shaders. :stuck_out_tongue:

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