Several OF full projects on github

Hi All,

I’ve finally got around to adding our last years worth of projects to github.

Please have a look here:

I’ve tried to credit everyone in every case, but please email me via the Hellicar&Lewis about page if I’ve missed anyone out.

Thanks to the whole OF community for making these projects possible.

We’ll be adding further documentation to our site over the next few days.



Wow! Thanks. Extremely cool.


I’ve posted some more documentation on:

The projects which are up on GitHub are:…-ello-wall/

Twitter-responsive Architectural scale installation.

Mirror based responsive installation with Todd Vanderlin.

Table based projection mapped installation.…-e-by-zero/

Interactive Dance Projection Mapped installation.…-ilev-mask/

Face tracking, audio responsive installation.…-o-stripes/

Body tracking interaction installation.

Simple VJ app for young persons workshop.

I forgot the Nokia World VJ App.