Several clients listenting to same UDP port


I have an ofxOscReceiver which currently receives skeletal data from another computer.
This data is coming from KinectV2-OSC available here.
The data is transferring just fine between the kinect and my app, and again from my app, to another app for rendering.

What I want to do now is be able to receive data to my app from the Kinect (say through port 12345), and at the same time I want to use a tool to record that data coming through that same port. Basically I want two apps listening to the same port.

The tool I’m using is oscdump which is part of the liblo library, which allows to listen to a port and dump data to stdin for example.

Since all apps are using udp, I thought there wouldn’t be any conflicting issues, but I get a:

liblo server error 9904 in path (null). cannot find free port
Could not start a server with port osc.udp://:12345

whenever I have my app and oscdump runnning. If I run just oscdump alone it works fine.

Is this possible with ofxOsc (and oscpack)?

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m using OSX 10.11.5 with OpenFrameworks 0.9.3.

Bonjour :wink:
As far as I know, you cannot have 2 apps listening on the same port on a single computer.
As you are sending data to you’re rendering app, send data to a new datalogging app which can be oscdump.

Well it is possible for udp to clients to listen to the same port:
And there’s already been issues with this too:
Maybe I’m just doing something wrong…