Setting up XCode project

Hello there, amongst the great documentation I haven’t found the easiest thing: setting up a new openframeworks project in xcode. I tried to copy the _emptySample into another location but then the paths seem to break and it throws errors.

thank you for your help.

btw i am a java/opengl user trying to dive into the new openframeworks world. it is really awesome but its funny to not be able to start a new project too. :slight_smile:

hi –

it’s so easy, that we sometimes forget to explain about how to do it.

an important note – all projects in OF link to the libs folder relatively (essentially, something like …/…/…/libs/…) therefore, you must put a project at the same relative depth so that those links work.

steps to make a new project

(a optional) you can create folder next to examples, such as “myWork”. it would be :


(b) duplicate the _empty example, either in the examples folder or in the apps/myWork folder.

© rename _emptyExample folder to what you want.

most important thing is that at step (b) the new project has the same depth. that’s causing the errors you are seeing.

hope that helps!

take care,

thank you very much zach