Setting up UDP bonjour service for use with mrmr

I’m making an interactive installation that can be controlled through the Mrmr iphone app.
With this app it is possible to push interfaces with buttons and sliders etc. to an iphone through TCP. By pushing a button on the interface the mrmr app sends back an OSC packet which can be used in OF with ofxOsc.

I’m fairly new to OF and C++, but I managed to connect to the iPhone app, send an interface to the app with a TCP client (ofxNetwork) and use the OSC packets to control an Arduino.
Untill now I used the ObjectiveC mrmr server that is avaiable for downloading on the mrmr project site. This server sets up a bonjour service that is recognizable for the iPhone app so that it automatically connects to the host computer, after that it’s possible to push an interface to the iPhone app.

This situation is not ideal cause it brings up some conflicts between the mrmr Objective C server and the OF app. It doesn’t allow me to start up the server before the OF app and it would be a lot more efficient if I could combine all functionality in one OF app.

I used some example code from Jez, he managed to combine all functionality in one app:
I’m developing on a Mac 10.6.3 and can’t use his MSVS 2008 code. This relies on the Bonjour SDK for Windows.

I tried some things with the UDP manager, but I can’t really get the hang of it and I’m not sure if this is the way to go.
Also did some research on Bonjour, but info about using this with OF or in C++ is hard to find.

Mrmr project website (documentation):
Mrmr google code (apps + source):

I hope somebody can help me and give me some direction!

Thanks in advance,