Setting up Qt Creator: Windows / Msys / 64bit - Missing dependencies


I’m just starting out with Open Frameworks. I’ve set up Qt Creator according to the tutorials via the docs … only problem is, when I try to build one of the examples, I’m greeted by an error:


Could anyone who knows, point me in the right direction?



Okay… n00b pointer: Don’t press the big ‘|>’ button hoping it will build. It won’t! … use the menu.

Build > Build project "Your project name .."

I spoke too soon :wink:

I’m now receiving the following:

C:\oF\of_v0.11.0_msys264_release\libs\openFrameworksCompiled\project\makefileCommon\ *** couldn’t find cairo zlib openssl glew glfw3 libcurl openal sndfile libmpg123 0 pkg-config package or it’s dependencies, did you run the latest Stop.

I’ve re-run install_dependencies, and there’s nothing left to install.

  • Running 64bit on Window 10 (v. 0.11).
  • Qt Creator (v. 4.11.1).

Any help appreciated

I’ve been able to build the project via the command line (mingw64) so I think the problem must be with QT config.

I’ve tried to run pkg-config list-all and can confirm the packages listed are installed.