Setting ofxKinect project from scratch


I would like to setup a new kinect project from scratch, so I can have all my kinect project uptodate with the latest ofxKinect addon in one place.

So I create a new empyExample project, drag the ofxKinect folder (the one that contains src and libs) but I get and error related to the usb stuff

/Users/nardove/Programming/openFrameworks_master/addons/ofxKinect/src/ofxKinect/libs/libfreenect/libfreenect.h:120:0 /Users/nardove/Programming/openFrameworks_master/addons/ofxKinect/src/ofxKinect/libs/libfreenect/libfreenect.h:120:33: error: libusb-1.0/libusb.h: No such file or directory

What else am I missing?


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Project -> Edit Proyect Settings -> Build

On Setting: “Header Search Path” drag the “ofxKinect/libusb/osx/include” directory

Hi Patricio,

I add the path but still get the same errors, I compare the ofxKinectExample project settings and they dont include that path to the project, and event with that included I get the same errors as before, any ideas?


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this bug is due to the way libusb headers are included by libfreenect. they use relative paths instead of just the filename, and xcode doesn’t like that.

if you download the latest ofxKinect, it has a new directory structure (now it lives in /addons instead of /apps/examples) and the readme includes a section about how to set up a project from scratch (at the bottom of the readme).

hope this helps!