Setting GUI view.frame to fit device orientation at launch

I have a guiView all nice and set in the nib file, it is a scrollbar pagecontrol combo that sits at the bottom of the screen, on the touch of a button the scrollview slides up to reveal other controls, this guiView also support all orientations on the iPad, (for the iPhone only support Portrait) all this works when I add the view using ofxiPhoneGetUIWindow() the problem with that method is that no touch pass through the view to OF, I fix that by adding the guiView using ofxiPhoneGetGLView() BUT when the app launches the guiView starts with the portrait mode bounds, it is only after I rotate the device 180 degrees for the guiView to snap in the right place after willAnimateRotationToInterfaceOrientation() methods is trigger, this methods is trigger from the start using the getuiwindow method but no when I use the getglview method, any ideas ho to make my view to start with the right orientation?

Thanks in advance