Setting easycam interaction area

Is there a way to set the interaction area for ofEasycam?
I want to draw the cam into an FBO and draw it to screen say a quarter the size of my screen, along with a bunch of other UI stuff drawn outside of the FBO containing the cam. I want the easycam mouse controls to work inside the quadrant (or area where I draw my FBO).

I can of course restrict the interaction by filtering the mouse position and toggling the mouseEnabled, but this does not give me the correct control, just a portion of the control. I have dealt with this a few times before, and pretty much just ignored it by dodging my UI elements and shutting of mouse interaction when I am over them. For this project I actually need to solve it though.

Any pointers would be great.



in 0.10 you can use setControlArea to set the rectangle where you control the camera with the mouse

Amazing, setControlArea is what I have been waiting for!