setPosition() in OFAndroidVideoPlayer

Is anybody able to start a video from an arbitrary position in ofxAndroidVideoPlayer?

I want to do something simple, like begin the video from the midpoint:

ofxAndroidVideoPlayer vp;

What it looks like in the logs is that my position is set correctly for the first two frames of the video playback – but then, suddenly the position is reset to zero. I have absolutely no idea why. I’ve tried all different orders of commands – both at the openFrameworks level and inside the Java implementation – and I’ve even added an onErrorListener to catch asynchronous MediaPlayer errors but it never gets called.

The only way I can get the position to consistently be set is to actually place a call to seekTo() in the middle of OFAndroidVideoPlayer.update(). This tells me it isn’t a codec problem with my video.

I am completely stumped. The only other clue is that a log line about Media player info/warning and a log line indicated the first onFrameAvailable are printed right before my video’s position is reset back to near-zero (the highlighted line)

Has anybody gotten this to work? All I want is to start a video from a custom time.