setCameraTiltAngle with gameover ofxOpenNI

I’m using ofxOpenNi with my first kinect project, but i don’t understand the relation between ofxOpenNI and kinect.
I only know that works!
But I want to modify the tilt angle of kinect, and i don’t know how to do it.
Must i use theo ofxKinect only for this?

I’m using mac.

(and excuse my english)

Yes, you need to use ofxKinect to control the Kinect motor, Openni only deals with the camera interface.

The gameover openNi example does allow you to set the tilt, it is however only implemented on the OSX version.

#ifdef TARGET_OSX // only working on Mac at the moment  
		case 357: // up key  
		case 359: // down key  

Really really Thanks!!!