Set up OF path for project generator on Mac Os

Hello there,
Each time i launch the project generator, i need to manually setup OF root path. How can i definetely configure it please?

Running on OSX Sierra or later for the first time?

Mac OS High Sierra
XCode 9
OF 0.10.0

Thanks for reading.

I think if you change the settings.json file inside the project generator, it should be fine:
right click on project generator - > show content, then navigate to Contents/Resources/app/ and edit the settings.json file.

change "defaultOfPath": "/OFPATH/of_v0.10.0_osx_release", , to your path.

Personally I had the same issue as you, but it went away by itself, and I didn’t change the path…

Hope this helps.


Super, merci.
It was a relative path in settings.json. I changed for an absolute one and it works now.

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thanks @pierre_tardif00

I also had the same problem and worked perfect for me. I hope they solve it in the new release, so people don’t need to manually set their absolute path.


This worked for me as well!

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