Set up in Visual Studio

Hello guys,

Just wondering if anyone got openframework 0.9.8 to work with VS 2015 with the windows 10 SDK.
And if there is a complete set up guide.

I get a lot of errors in files such ofUtils, ofSoundStream, ofAppGlutWindow… Syntax errors, conversion not allowed, expected ‘}’ when there clearly is one… That kind of stuff. Obviously, I can’t run an empty project.

Know that I also tried with and without the project generator, with SDK10, with SDK8.1, with and without the OF plugin. I tried on VS 2017 and 2015.

Oh and the most surprising issue is, and I can’t believe this, that I cannot use int in C++, not a warning and fatal error… Now I know, I know about C++ and int but on Linux and Mac the code compiles and run flawlessly !

Nothing makes sense… I hadn’t touch a windows in a decade, now I remember why.

So I guess my question is, do any of you work on VS?
if so how?

Thank you

PS : please forgive the possibly incoherent chain of thoughts and/or typos, but I have already wasted a lot of hours and I am really really tired of this.

OF 0.9.8 only works officially in visual studio 2015. the next release which will be out soon will have support for 2017

there seems to be a way to make 0.9.8 work though i think it’s related to setting visual studio to use the 2015 sdk, if i remember well just by not updating the projects when it asks you to

Yeah sorry I am a bit loopy, I tried on VS 2017, realized there was not support for it, switch to 2015 and now these errors…

(I edited my question)

i think when installing you have to expicitly select support for c++ perhaps check that that is enabled. if it is try to redownload OF and compile the empty project if it keeps failing post the exact errors you are getting here

I am currently using 0.9.8 with VS 2017 community edition and it works well… don’t remember the details but I suppose it was just a matter of installing the required SDKs