Set point size of ofMesh smaller than 1.0? glPointSize(float)

Hi all,

I found that we can use glPointSize(float) to set the point size of ofMesh, when using .drawVertices()

But if the input is smaller than 1.0, it will just still draw the size of point as 1.0.
Is there anyone know how can I draw the point smaller than 1.0 in ofMesh?

Thanks a lot!

the size in glPointSize is measured in pixels which is the smallest physical size the monitor can draw so it’s physically impossible to draw something smaller than 1. That said, sometimes, if anti-aliasing is enabled (which is by default enabled in OF) you can draw things smaller than 1.0 or non multiples of 1 cause the antialiasing will make the edges softer.

you can try the same trick, instead of using pure white or whatever color you are using to draw the vertices, use a softer color and it might look like a smaller point in comparison with other points drawn in pure white.