set ofxXmlSettings via a string

I’m playing around with and got it to pull in tweets. Now I have a big xml string. Is it possible to push that string into ofxXmlSettings?



you need this version of ofxXmlSettings -…-mlAltered/

Make sure to grab the lib as well as the src/


im not an ofxXmlSettings pro but i dont see any functions for that job.
to write it by your own you can use “substr” and functions like that. no funny solution but because you have an xml string it could work well by using regular expression.

edit: :wink: or use theos solution

Ohh shit thanks a ton it WORKS! OF pulling twitter :slight_smile:

Theo are their plans to commit that version to the source - its pretty bad ass.

yeah we’re just testing it now - but it works great -so will be added to the next release.
one thing I want to add is a set delimiter as some rss uses “:” in the tags.


Wow that is awesome, I’ve been getting around this issue by saving the contents of XML I grab to a file and then reading it in…works fine but its a bit of a round-a-bout, and I don’t like the reliance on directory permissions/file saving/build up of files etc. I haven’t had any issues so far but I wouldn’t be surprised if my method doesn’t work in the future.


I was gonna say can you add the attributes part but I see you did…AWESOME!


I 've been trying to use twitcurl in osx, but I keep running into errors.
Specifically I am getting: error: ‘CURLOPT_COPYPOSTFIELDS’ was not declared in this scope

Instead of using the curl version supplied with twitcurl, I am using the one that is already installed in snow leopard (which I updated to 7.19.7)

any suggestions???


FIXED: It was only a matter of adding lcurl to XCode’s linker settings.