set camera setting in code

hi all
is it possible to explicitly set a camera setting in code, rather than the camera settings dialogue window?

I’d like to have an xml file with a default configuration, that can be loaded after an application is installed on a new machine


Hey nay,

Are you working on OSX or Windows or Linux? If on OSX or Windows you will probably have to get into some Quicktime library coding. On linux you would have to use the library that is the equivalent in oF on Linux:

Quicktime is a huge library, you might try searching the Quicktime Developer Mailing list:

Or posting there if nothing turns up.



anyone havea example of this…

yeah I also would have interest to see an example!!!


If you have a firewire camera supported by libdc1394, you can set camera settings in code in the libdc1394 SDK of the ofxVideoGrabber addon:

By the way the mac iSight camera is IIDC compatible I think, and therefore can use libdc1394