Serial RTS/CTS Control Flow - can it be done using oF?

I have been using ofSerial with great success but I am running into a few problems and I have a feeling it is because I have no implementation of control flow. I am using an AVR ATmega8 (not Arduino) and a FTDI232RL usb to serial converter.

Is it possible to use the RTS and CTS lines of the FTDI232RL with oF?

I am using a mac and have connected to the FTDI232RL via a VCP. I’m no expert at this and as far as I understand there are two ways of connecting to the FTDI232RL, one through a VCP and the other though D2XX which is used with a FTDI library (a .dll). I have read that you can use either the VCP or D2XX, as I understand using serial with oF you connect to a COM port so would that mean that to implement CTS/RTS I would need to ditch all my existing code in oF and use the D2XX functions instead?

I would greatly appreciate some pointers, am a little stuck. Thanks.