Serial not working

I am having a problem and I can’t resolve it.
I am usgin an rfid card reader ( that has an usb port, that I connect directly to my computer (no Arduino). I am trying to get cards id inside openframeworks and seems ofSerial is not working. Here is a sample code

#include "testSerial.h"

void testSerial::setup()
    int baud = 9600;
    serial.setup("/dev/ttyUSB0", baud);    
    cout << "setup done" << endl;
    cout << serial.isInitialized() << endl;

void testSerial::update(){   
    int newByte = serial.readByte();

    while(newByte!=OF_SERIAL_NO_DATA && newByte!=OF_SERIAL_ERROR){
        cout << (char)newByte << endl;
        newByte = serial.readByte();

        cout << "SERIAL ERROR"<< endl;

void testSerial::draw()

Here is outpput:
[notice ] ofSerial: [0] = ttyUSB0
[notice ] ofSerial: [1] = ttyS3
[notice ] ofSerial: [2] = ttyS2
[notice ] ofSerial: [3] = ttyS1
[notice ] ofSerial: [4] = ttyS0
[notice ] ofSerial: opening /dev/ttyUSB0 @ 9600 bps
[notice ] ofSerial: opened /dev/ttyUSB0 sucessfully @ 9600 bps
setup done

Important details: Baud rate is set ok and my user is added to dialout group.

I verify on Arduino monitor console, GTKTerm and Processing, and the card reader is working fine.
I’ve tested on of_v0.9.3 on Fedora and Raspbian.
Is it a bug? Is something that I am missing?
Any help or guidance would be appreciated

there was recently a fix for ofSerial for linux that might be related can you try the release candidate for 0.9.4 from: 0.9.4 Release Candidate 1

Hi Arturo,
I’ve tested on Fedora, and the problem is resolved, reads without problems.
I will test it on Raspberry Pi and I will let you know.

On Raspberry Pi model 3, the problem is also resolved