Sequencer, Mixer, and Beat Matcher

Hey All,

We just made a set of touchscreen music apps for LG to leave out during tradeshows. They’re just for fun and to keep people around and entertained in their booth. The screens had circular masks on them to make them appear like ‘digital turntables’ and be all hip for the, you know, skateboarder graffiti kids that roam around telecommunications conferences.

There are three different electronic music instruments in each table. In the order they appear in the video:

  1. Circular Sequencer - lay down beats and melodies on a radial grid and the sweeping arm plays them out. Touching the circular center logo button swaps out the sample sets (thus changing all the sounds in the song you just made)

  2. FM Tuner / Mixer - Imagine if all the tracks on all the radio stations were beatmatched, all the time. Users can select and listen to any 4 ‘radio stations’ at once by turning 4 concentric knobs to make their own mashup. Or point them all at one station to quiet things down.

  3. Beat Matcher - Two different tracks are represented by two sets concentric rings. When the rings are out of phase, the tracks are out of sync. But when you line them up, they are beatmatched. There is a smooth transition to the next two tracks, and the process repeats.

All done in openFrameworks with fmod doing all the heavy sound lifting. We’ve written basic scenegraph and animation addons that will be released when we remove all the swearing from our comments.


Just saw these on vimeo,

REALLY awesome, very simple interface but allows for a lot of complexity…

Also love seeing how enthralled all the people using it look!

Very nice app. One question. What touchscreens did you use? :smiley: Single or Multitouch?

Standard cheapo ELO single-touch screens.

Multi-touch would have been cool, but with super crowded places like CTIA and the NCAA Final-Four arena simpler might have actually been better. Average time spent per-person on the interactive was probably 11.2 seconds.