sequence recognition, ofxSequence!

referring to this old post
called “machine learning anyone?”
here it is, an addon to train and use a sequence classifier (based on hidden markov model)

i’ve used it nicely with gesture recognition and kinect, maybe in the near future i’ll manage to find the time for record a video
in the meantime… happy recognition to everyone!

ps it’s the first attempt to make a public addon and not only a bunch of c++ classes so all kind of advice is welcome!

sounds interesting - browsing through the code is it mainly for letters and numbers? a video would be awesome :slight_smile:

yeah for now i have ported only the discrete part of the algorithm (only natural numbers)… but a lot of things can be written as sequence of numbers : )


thanks for the addon, i was trying to get it to work but can’t seem to do that…

I’ve already installed boost and armadillo, but still get some errors with the armadillo library. i’m missing something?

Can you please give some more details on what is needed to run your simple-example?

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile: