Sentinels - Audiovisual composition

Music credit: Pan Sonic - Pan finale

Sentinels started as a project to generate a wireframe look terrain without diagonal lines between vertices. I really like the wireframe graphics of the 3D shapes. Then, I added the red particles which are wandering around to create a kind of story. After all, the floating particles remind me of the ones in The Matrix movie. Whenever the particles get close to sound generated terrain, they create connections to top peak sound waves.

Source code is available on my repo;

Just check the comments and read me file. There are many options that you can modify on the fly using gui. Anyways, I’m ok with the results in terms of performance and the visual composition. I’ll use it in my own audiovisual performances.
The only issue that I can say is the post-processing effects. When everything gets crazy because of the sound peak levels the fps decreases down to 30-40. Any suggestions for the bloom or glow effect are welcome.