Senior Creative Technologist | Local Projects | NYC

Local Projects is looking for a Senior Creative Technologist.

We are an Experience Design Studio producing a wide variety of interactive installations for museums, corporations, and public spaces. Candidates should have demonstrated experience coding and deploying large-scale, long-term, interactive installations. We are looking for candidates who are proficient technically, but also have an eye for motion design and aesthetics.

Required Skills:

  • Proficient in realtime C/C++. Performance matters to us.
  • Extensive experience in OpenGL.
  • Rapid Prototyping; we prototype a lot and you need to be fast at it. Know when to invest in code quality and when not to.
  • Decent Software Architecture skills, no spaghetti code please.
  • Experience living in large code bases - we often have several developers work on a project simultaneously.
  • Computer Vision experience, you’ve used OpenCV before.
  • Git, git-flow, submodules.
  • Computer Science background, or 6+ years of experience in the field. You know how to find and fix obscure bugs, even if they are not yours.
  • Proactive problem-solving attitude. Everything is hard until you solve it, so we need you to keep trying.
  • Good communication skills, and ability to be a team player.
  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop, In-Design, etc; you must be able to handle designer assets.

Desired Skills:

  • Experience in OpenFrameworks / Cinder or similar.
  • Objective-C / Swift / iOS.
  • Xcode & Visual Studio experience.
  • GLSL
  • Some Web development skills (HTML / CSS / JS, etc).

Bonus Points Skills:

  • Hardware Prototyping, microcontrollers, sensors, PCB design, etc.
  • AI / Machine Learnings.
  • Unity and/or Unreal Engine.
  • Sound Design skills.
  • Android / Kotlin.

You should be in the NYC area or be willing to relocate.
Please reach out to

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