Sending touch events to subview


I’m using the Openframeworks Native IOS example together with Mapbox and I want to send touch events to the other subview (RMMapView). I’ve seen the hit test example and i’ve tried to make a subclass to catch the touch events. Still I cannot find a good and fast way to send the touch data to both layers.

The glView i’ve added like this:

 [ofxiPhoneGetUIWindow() addSubview: iPhoneGetGLView()];  

Then i’ve added another layer for another subView for the RMMapView in a subclass:

  [ofxiPhoneGetUIWindow() addSubview:mapView];  
    [ofxiPhoneGetUIWindow() sendSubviewToBack:mapView];  

When i’ve added a subview to iPhoneGetGLView(), but still no touch events are received. and the map is then not visible.

Does anyone have some good advice?