Sending images over network sendRawBytes

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I’ve found this attempt to make a framework with VLC.
Unfortunatly, I did’nt manage to compile it with XCode but it could be a way to transmit video more easyly over UDP.

I’ve also found this librairy but as I begin to understand, integration is not an easy business…

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Thanks Theo for this great example.

I tried to build on it and made the attached example that includes your pixelServer file and a textServer file.

The server side does blob tracking and first sends the blob’s width, height and location over to the client.
Over a different port the blob’s pixel array is send.

The client properly creates a new pixel array of the blob’s size but the pixels are not properly displayed. don’t know why?
also after sending a few blobs i get a couple of different errors:

Previous frame inner to this frame (gdb could not unwind past this frame)  

or in pixelClient.cpp line 86 :

int numRecieved = TCP.receiveRawBytes(tmpBuffer, bytesToGet);  
Data Formatters temporarily unavailable, will re-try after a 'continue'  

i also tried to change this number myPixelClient.update(76800);
it does increase the speed the pixel array is being transferred but maybe there is a perfect setting that i should be using ?

any ideas?

i am noticing problems when my tcp client starts up and no server is found.
basically the app does not want to start.

it works ok with ip =
but if i start the app with the client trying to connect to a server at ip = than is hangs.

weConnected = TCP.setup(ip, port);

any ideas ?


Just wanted to give thanks to all for this ancient thread, and especially Theo for the excellent example code. My apps needed to the do the reverse operation (several clients sending images in sequence to a server which creates a final GIF image) and it was quite easy to modify.



Here is an updated version of the Code in case anyone has a need for it. (4.5 KB) (4.4 KB)

modified and tested to work @ VS2017&Xcode
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