Sending and Recieving simultaneously over Osc


I have a two computer system with two Kinects. Currently I can send and receive from one computer to another using ofxOsc. I then use these values to affect the graphics. I want to also send and receive from the other computer, so both sets of graphics will be affected by the two users. I am wondering if I can do this through ofxOsc as it seems like I will need a second server and client for the other computer. If I can’t, do any of you have some advice or an add-on that I can look into to fix this problem.



Hi @sherwig,

I think you can receive on one port, from different machines.
I have done it, and it works.

But if your parameters controlled are drastically differents from one kinect to the other, you might see so big changes in the values, so might need to lerp, or employ some other attenuation on the speed of change in the values.

Hope this helps,