Send email with ofxSMTP / runtime error in example-basic-gmail

I’m having a problem getting the ofxSMTP example-basic-gmail to run. The build compiles,
but when a key is pressed to send test email, there is a runtime error in ofxSMTP > Client.cpp > void Client::threadedFunction() :

OS X 10.10, XCode 6.3

Here’s how the project was constructed:
– duplicated “Empty Example”
– replaced 3 src files with those from ofxSMTP example-basic-gmail
– used ofPlugin to add plugins ofxSMTP and ofxSSLManager to new project
– copied “/ssl/cacert.pem” from example-basic-gmail to new project’s /bin/data
– in ofApp.cpp, changed email account + password to my data

Thanks for your suggestions!

This might be related: ofxHTTP segfault

Thanks. I believe it might be the same issue.

However, I wound up using a Python script to send the email, so I probably won’t need an oF solution.

This has been fixed with openFrameworks 0.9.3.