Send email with ofxMailUtils & ofxSMTP

Hi! I’ve been working on a project which will use grabber to take a photo of user, then send this photo to user’s email box. Now I met troubles on the email part.
I tried ofxMailUtils and ofxSMTP, both of them came up with errors.
ofxMailUtils told me “ofxThread.h” file not found.
ofxSMTP told me “ofx/SMTP/Credentials.h”&“ofx/SMTP/GmailSetting.h” file not found.
(Sorry that I’m a new user so I cannot paste screenshots)
I’m using Mac OS X and OF0.8.4

Thanks in advance.

Hey there, first – I just upgraded your user status, so you should be able to post pictures now. Second – could you tell me more about your ofxSMTP setup? How are you generating the xcode project files? What version of xcode and osx are you using?


I’m using OSX10.10 and Xcode 6.3.2. I downloaded ofxSMTP&ofxSSLManager from github and put them into of/addons file. Then open my project and simply drag these two files into add ons like this

Sry that I’m new to open frameworks and this is the only way I learnt to load addons…
Thank you for help! :smile:

Aha. Ok, these addons are structured a little differently and so dragging them in like that won’t work. To be precise, the addons’s ‘include’ directories need to be in the xcode project’s header search paths. You can do this manually, or use the project generator. Better yet, I’d recommend using @admsyn which will automatically set up the correct header search paths.

No worries, keep me posted!

Hi Christopher! I’ve tried this plugin and worked very well. But after I used it to load ofxSMTP&ofSSLManager and tried your example for gmail, it came up an error like this

Is it means I didn’t load ofxSSLManager properly? Thank you ! :persevere:

Make sure your project includes the ca cert bundle (look at the examples and you’ll see it in the bin/data/ssl directory).

Finally succeed! Thank you for your patience! :relaxed:

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