Send a mail

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to send a mail i used the addons ofxMailUtils but i could not do it run on 0.05 & 0.06.
is there any example published? How could i send a mail?

Aser P.

Hi aser

this was done for 0.57xx. has just changed it to work with the new events system:

start with an example that has the ofxThread addon in it and overwrite the code with the one in the zip.

will upload later as a proper addon.


thanks for your help

im working in the adaptation of the code to my app.

Muchas gracias Aturo.
Aser P


Do you happen to have a snippet with an example of adding a file attachment to a message? I am using the latest GitHub build of ofxMailUtils.


  • mga


I ended up sending the mail with PHP since it was getting nasty and hairy adding an attachment and working with SMTP via C++.