Selecting size for recording video

Hi, im using ofxQtVideoSaver for saving recording video of my apps.
ofxQTVideoSaver records the video at the same size of my windows app. I need to be able to change of the size of the video im recording , which would be the best way of doing this?



ofxQtVideoSaver::setup() lets you set the size of the video to be recorded.

you can’t change the size during recording, if that’s what you mean.

Yes, but the problem is that i cannot put other size beside the size of my camera input:


If i put another size it generates videos broken with glitches, any idea of why is this?

how can I solve this?



if you can paste more code i can try and help.

normally you get glitches when the saved video size does not match the frame your sending it. so i’ll need to see the addFrame() also.

Hi , i solved the glitches problem but when i try to record a smaller video it only record an area of my video.
For example lets say that i have my of window 1024 * 768; and i record a 320 * 320 video with:


The result i get is a 320 * 320 video with just a section of my 1024* 768 of window(upper left). But what i would like to have as result in my recorded video the same thing i see in my openframeworks window but with 320 * 320 size.

Is it clear? how can i achieve this?



if you want to save a video at a different size than the images you’re sending it, you’ll need to resive the images first.

assuming you’re using ofImage::grabScreen() to get the screen, you can use ofImage::resize() to resize the image before sending it to addFrame()