Seeper is looking for talented creative coders

Seeper, an arts and technology collective based in Haggerston, London, is looking for talented creative coders for a dream project with an immediate start.

Ideally, you’re from a games development background, have a working knowledge of openGL and 3D, and can make fluid simulations in your sleep. You have a passion for interactivity, creating things that on the surface seem impossible, and you’re aware of what’s cool and what isn’t. You create graphics that move beautifully, and you have a strong eye for design. You’re fluent in C++ and openFrameworks, and you might already be using webGL, HTML5, javascript, Actionscript 3, Processing/Arduino, openCV, Kinect, to name but a few.

Initially these are contract positions, but if all goes well, we’d love to make you a permanent member of the team.

Check out our work at and call us on 020 7099 6835, or email with the title ‘Creative coder’ with examples of your work and a CV. We shall be interviewing from Tuesday 26th April.

Hope to see you soon.

This sounds like a great opportunity. Are you still looking for a coder?

Hi there,

Yes, we’re still looking. If it sounds of interest, ping us an email at or give us a call!