Secure TCP Sockets

I need to convert a working project using ofxTCPServer/Client to a more secure method and will admit to having limited knowledge on the topic of SSL, HTTPS, etc.

Is there an existing method for using HTTPS with ofxTCPServer? Should I convert my app to use ofxHTTP instead?

Project is for Windows 10 if it matters.

Any advice is welcomed! TIA!

Both HTTP and HTTPS protocols are built on top of TCP. HTTP protocol is a simple text protocol, so for example to get some content you need to send request (TCP send to port number 80 of the server) with some text body inside, like:

…and get text response back. However, HTTPS is a much more complex protocol with some work and algorithms for initiating connection with certificates.
To support HTTPS fully you probably need to use additional library, like LibEvent, which supports HTTPS out of the box and contains examples of HTTPS client and server.

yeah if you need a secure connection the easiest would be to use ofxHTTP doing it through ofxTCP* would be really complex and implementing security protocols is usually not recommended since it’s really hard to get it completely right so it’s better to use an available solution than trying to roll your own.

Thank you gents - I’m passing user’s name/email between machines and the client requires that it be a secure connection. I had looked into using an encryption method instead of attempting HTTPS, but it’s difficult to tell exactly how secure SHA1 (eg. using ofxCrypto) is. The client is about as big as they come and I need to be confident.

Reading up about HMAC-SHA1 now, but I may just move towards ofxHTTP.

I am running in a similar problem, i have a tcpclient application which need now ssl.
I tried it with ofxHttp but no success for me to get from http to raw tcp. Any suggestions?