Sections of Mathematics to learn for creative coding


Dear passengers,

Can you describe me, please, what section of math (like a trigonometry or discrete math or w.e.) I need to learn for good and deep understanding of art of coding on oF?

It’s not a problem to learn a syntax for me. But, I’m really need a math workouts in a context of Creative Coding.

Some books, videos?
Thank you!

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Khan academy has a good math section. I would probably start from trigonometry and then vectors and matrices.

It is probably more fun to start trigonometry and vectors from Daniel Shiffman’s tutorial, and The code example are in processing but you can find the OF equivalent on github.

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In typical order of learning, I would tend to suggest: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, vectors, matrices, fractals.

You only need to get algebra and some geometry to understand lots of useful things for making artistic graphical programs.

And you don’t even need that to play with OpenFrameworks and do artistic things… which may tend to give you the motivation to learn more math so you understand better how to do more artistic things.

Physics (mechanics) can also be useful.

Though you can also use libraries written by other people who had more math knowledge.

OpenFrameworks is wonderful in that it provides easy functions that can be used to quickly do a lot of visual things with very little need to know about how it’s done.


additionally the ofBook is a good learning source and has a chapter that deals with maths, it might be useful for you.

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