searching lib for multichannel audio

I’m looking to make an interactive audio installation using 8 channels of audio in and 8 channels of audio out. AFAIK oF does not support multichannel audio yet except for ofSoundStream , which is a bit low level for my needs. I only need to record and playback audio samples, does anyone know of a library that would lend itself to this end, without me having to manipulate incoming bytes ‘by hand’ ?

you can use FMOD for this, but you will need to modify the ofSoundPlayer for this.

OpenAL does multiple channel stuff but it’s also a bit low level.

Or you could use OSC with a number of other external applications such as Pure Data or Supercollider.

I have been working on a new addon for sound recording and manipulation that has this ability. If you shoot me an email I can give you a copy… been kinda behind on this project lately due to work, but it has these abilities and more. psykel at gmail dot com is the addy.