"Search for app in the Store" popup on app launch in Win10

Hi oF community :slight_smile:
I’m deploying my oF app (0.11) to Windows 10 Pro as I’ve done many times I the past, and I’m seeing a popup on launch that says “Search for app in the Store? You need to install an app for this task.Would you like to search fro on in the Store?”
I can click Yes or No and the app launches fine, and either way the Windows Store doesn’t.
Any ideas on how to get around this?

This is a Windows 8/10 anti-feature.

It will do it when launching unsigned exe’s.

It can be stopped (or delayed until the next update that resurrects it) in Windows settings… although in the past, some updates have removed some methods that used to work to stop these pop-ups.

One way has been to disable “Check apps and files” in the Windows Security settings.

A way I have heard but not done myself on Windows is to get your app to not do that for others may be to codesign/register the app, and/or make a full installer for it.

(I avoid suggestions to “Search for app in the Store?” by running Windows 7.)

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Yes I just found this. It has solved the issue. Thanks.