Screensaver Resolution and X,Y Values issue


I’m building an interactive screensaver that uses webcams to react to users’ movements and generates particles based on that. I’m working off code that a colleague of mine put together for a project we did earlier this year.

The dilemma I’m facing now is regarding display sizes and the relationship to positions that are meant to be fixed. The X,Y origin points for the particle generation and the vector field paths are defined by values designated in an XML document that loads during setup. These points are based off the original design outputting to a display of 1024x786. However when I modify the screensaver for the various resolutions that it will ultimately need (anything from 1024x786 to 256x1440 etc) this throws off the relative positions of the origin points and paths, and alters the orientation of the entire effect.

My question is if it would be sensible to create coefficients to alter the values from the XML doc during the setup, or would adding all this math make the application too heavy on processing? Are there any other ways to achieve this that might be more effective or sensible?

I’m sure its possible to create a unique setup designed for each resolution, but I was hoping to keep the whole application as versatile as possible for applying to various systems and specifications. Yet if this will decrease the effectiveness of the final application then I will avoid this method. Any help or advice that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,