Screen tracking

first sorry if i post on the wrong section and for my english.

I’m a tottaly beginner and i would like to know what is for you the easiest solution for this :

I have a screen that i will have to change from differents places. The screen will move.

ANd I want obviously that the video on the screen follow this move (for people to keep looking the video).

DO you know how I can do this ?

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Best regards.

i don’t realy get what you’re trying to do?!
How is the screen the moving? by hand? or motors?
How is the screen moving? up and down? left right? rotating?
What kind of screen is it, a projection? or a regular pc display?
How should the video change? should you just see a part of the whole video and change positon of this part?
or visual effects, like speedlines?


you could mount infrared leds at the four corners of the screen. use a ir-sensitive cam mounted on the projector to track the four dots, and use this information to distort the picture with homography. this will probably not be a beginner project, though…

Yes in fact i would have a pad in the hands. And i will walk with it from left to right.

so a movement in one axis?
you could use a infra red sensitive cam, like bilderbuchi said, but a single led would be enough (take a look at the openCV example in the addon apps folder, should be almost all you need for the tracking…
there are a few other openCV based solutions out there, too, but that’s realy no beginner stuff

OK, thank you, and if I need to go in two axis I will have to use 4 leds.

I will download what you said and will try it.

Thank you for all the advices. If you did the same project, thank you for other advices.

Best regards. NIcolas

hey, for two axis a single one still works, if you want to track it in three dimensions you will need at least two, as long as youre screen isn’t rotating, the distance between these two will give you the z-axis information,
by the way, the ps3-eye (with a little hack) is a cheap and good working cam for infra-red and computer vision, there are drivers for mac and pc.
good luck,