Screen size difference beetween Pi3 and Pi4

Hi guys I want to share a problem I got recently. I got an OF App than runs on Raspberry Pi 3, everything was fine but the framerate was a bit to slow, so I change for a Raspberry Pi 4. Until here everything was fin but… the image size is distorted on Pi 4.

I use same /boot/config.txt options, same resolution, same video projector, the only difference is the starting method as I was starting in the terminal with pi 3 and with startx with pi4.

Anyone aware of this and a way to solve it ?

Can you share the screen dimensions of the display and the dimensions OF thinks it is?

in ofApp::update(){

cout << "w/h" << ofGetWidth() << " x " << ofGetHeight() << endl;
cout << "screen w/h" << ofGetScreenWidth() << " x " << ofGetScreenHeight() << endl;

It might be a bug with the resize callback that I think was fixed.
Are you on OF 0.11.2 ?

What W/H do you have in your main.cpp for the OF setup?

Hi I did manage to get a test environnement so OF is 0.11.2
both w/h and screen w/h gives me 1920x1080 but I can clearly see on screen that the circle I’ve on the center of my image is an ovoid.

But from further investigation it seems like RPi 4 doesn’t handle overscan the same way as RPi 3, so could definitely be on RPi Os rather than OF