Screen Recording with Windows Game Bar

Hello all,

I am trying to do a screen record of my app with the Windows Game Bar. It’s by far the most efficient way I’ve found of recording video screen captures without tanking the app’s frame rate. However, there’s a problem. Windows will recognize the console window and record that, however, it doesn’t recognize the app itself as a candidate for recording (Win + G does nothing).

I have tried disabling the console window and launching via the windows subsystem like in this forum post but it still doesn’t register as a GameBar appropriate app to windows.

Does anyone have any info/leads on how to fix this? I’ve tried 3rd party screen recording apps, but they always tank my framerate during recording.

hey @adielfernandez,
I recently used this addon/code on Windows too and it worked better than using external apps:

I uploaded my class just in case you want to test it:

You need these addons:
“ofxFFmpegRecorder.h” (
“ofxFastFboReader.h” (

Download or paste the code into a new file named CaptureWindow.h.
And then, in order to use into your ofApp project:


#include "CaptureWindow.h"
CaptureWindow captureWindow;


captureWindow.setup("captures/");//must create manually bin/data/captures before run

//-- draw your scene here --//
captureWindow.draw();//to show gui helper

captureWindow.keyPressed(eventArgs);//to call commands
captureWindow.windowResized(w, h);//to resize capturer

did you try to run the app in full-screen mode instead of window mode?
(You can enable full-screen on setup using ofSetFullscreen(true); or ofToggleFullscreen(); everywhere)

Btw. I tried Windows capturer and it works fine here. On window mode too. Also with the console window opened. Check if you have the (recommended on the web guide) video codecs installed, maybe.

Hey @moebiussurfing,

I tried in full screen mode and it still doesn’t work. I’m digging up an old project so using new add-ons might be a challenge but I’ll try it.

But it’s good to know that it works for you under normal conditions, so it’s definitely on my side. I’m using an 8 year old MacBook with Windows 10 on Bootcamp AND I’m using OF 0.9.8, so it’s kind of a terrible setup to begin with.

Thanks for the info!

I just used

and it works much faster than the other alternatives above.

It works encoding-and-saving (using threading) a still screenshot per frame.
You can set a more raw image format like TIFF:

//settings.imageFormat = OF_IMAGE_FORMAT_JPEG;
settings.imageFormat = OF_IMAGE_FORMAT_TIFF;

Then you can join all the frames to a video file using FFMPEG:

ffmpeg -r 60 -f image2 -s 1920x1080 -i %05d.tif -c:v libx264 -preset veryslow -qp 0 output.mp4

My machine is a little old too, and I noticed this add-on more performant.

I just made a helper add-on using this tips: