Screen abnormalities with VBO and setGLESVersion(2);


Trying to debug some shader/VBO issues with some Android devices, I circled back to androidVBOExample. My code is unchanged from the current git master branch except my main method in main.cpp has been altered to follow the standard template:
int main(){
ofGLESWindowSettings settings;
ofRunApp( new ofApp() );
return 0;

The code runs perfectly with settings.setGLESVersion(2); commented out, but if I uncomment that line, I get strange artifacts, flickering, uncomplete draws, etc. on some devices. There is no shader loaded or implemented.

The code I am trying to debug depends on shaders and shader code does not run without setting GLESVersion to 2. Is there anything I can try to address this?


this is a known issue in OF 0.10 it should be solved in the nightly builds


Thanks for the response. I just tried both the nightly build v20181112 and I pulled the latest from git with last commit at Tue Nov 13 11:36:15 2018 +0100. I’m still seeing the same problem with the same devices. Since the version I had been using was a pull from git from a month ago, I was sure to completely recompile OF before testing.


can you open an issue on github?


Would there be any value in seeing if this is also an issue with v0.9.8?


not really, OF on android has changed a lot since 0.9.8 and it wouldn’t even work since it was based on makefiles + eclipse which don’t work anymore