SchattenFarbe - interactive shadow play

hi there,

the video for our last project called “Schattenfarbe” is up.
a 2 minute-documentation about our installation at Stellwerk,
during Kasseler night of the museums.

after our last project MonsterMaker, we wanted to do something
without face-tracking, without photoshoping masks but with
more tangible objects.

doing something with shadows was one of our first ideas and so we
started do think about a new generation of the dark counterpart…

here you find photos with more insghts and details: Flickr

we angled 9 big IR-spots onto the wall to get a super
white background (photo) for clear contours,
used arduino to connect tangible objects with openframeworks
and two usb cams (Spotlight: Net iCube(IR), TrickBox: Sony PS3 Eye)

ofxContourFinder, ofxSimpleGuiToo
particlesystem by kyle mcdonald
OpenCV for motion detection

We had a great time working on this, hope you enjoy it!
made by: Felix-Lange-(FU-Berlin),-Luis-Grass-(FH-Potsdam) & Max-Schäth-(UdK-Berlin)

Thanks to the openframeworks-community!

awesome, looks like lots of fun.

congrats on a great project!