Scene Manager add on not working

Hi, I’m new to openframeworks and I have been having trouble with the scene manager add on. When I make a new project I made sure to put it in the add ons but when the project loads the add on isn’t there. This also happened with my another add on that wasn’t included in open frameworks. However the project loads the add ons that were originally included with openframeowrks. Can someone help me?

is the addon listed in the addons.make file in your project directory?

Hello @Anna_Xu ,
the addons must be placed into OF_ROOT/addons/

You don´t need to copy again to each of your projects content.
You only need to include his name into the addons.make list.
Then you need to run the Project Generator and open your project (root) folder.
The common place for your project is OF_ROOT/apps/myApps
(in two depth levels max. oF/myApps/myProj1)

You can go to the Learning section on the web:

OF/addons/ can have projects folders too, like the included examples. (With one or two depth levels) You can add your own projects too. But usually your apps will go to the /apps folder.

BTW, which addon are you trying to build his example?
Sometimes in some(old/unmaintained) addons you should rearrange the folders content like
OF/addons/ofxSceneAddon/libs (optional)

it is already placed in the addons file with the others there, and I don’t think it is old because the same thing is happening to the other addons that did not come with OF

what’s the name of the addon?
which platform are you using?
can you post the errors are you getting from your IDE?
a good starting point is:

the addon is ofxSceneManager im using windows and i didnt get any errors
i attached an image of a project that i put ofxGUI which came with OF and ofxEasing(which i added on my own) and in the addons section only ofxGUI is in there but when I generated the project I made sure I included ofxEasing

Did you used the Project Generator to create the project?
All the add-ons must be displayed like ofxGui on your image.
What happens when compiling the project? Any errors?

Can you post the link for the addon on GitHub?

There are many with that name, some older ones need some reorganizing / folder sorting on the examples content.

For example, on the armadillu repo

the example must change the content into an ofxSceneManager/example/src.
note that currently all the files are into ofxSceneManager/example.
That folders structure will fail, as is explained on the learning links.

  1. Then make sure addons.make has all the used add-ons (and dependencies if required) listed.
  2. Then create the project with the Project Generator.
  3. And finally open it with the IDE, Visual Studio in your case.
  4. Press F5 to compile build. Window app should open now.
    If not, you should check into the output console what errors trigged the compiler to fail.