Scaling Open Frameworks GUI text/ elements

Hi there, I am looking at increasing the size of the GUI generally and the only success that I have had is in increasing the font size. However, nothing else scales to this larger size and so the words in the GUI are all overlapping/ smashed up against eachother. I have tried using the following commands to change the size of the GUI elements:

gui. setDefaultTextPadding()

None of them seem to have an impact on the size of the GUI except for GUI.setSize, which only resizes the clear canvas that makes up the background of the GUI without changing the size of the black bars that contain either the GUI elements like sliders and buttons or the text. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I am running this on a rapsberry pi, I can get more detailed about OS and ofx versions if it would be helpful.

Thank you for your help.

Here is an image of what I am talking about:

hey @windspirit,
here you have some code to tweak ofxGui, but I am not sure if some methods are included or not in OF 0.11 version:

btw you can use this code easely:

	// ofxGui theme
	inline void setThemeDark_ofxGui(std::string pathFont = "assets/fonts/overpass-mono-bold.otf", int size = 9)
		ofFile file(pathFont);
		if (file.exists())
			ofxGuiSetFont(pathFont, size);
		else {
			ofLogError(__FUNCTION__) << "file " << pathFont << " not found!";

You must call all this before gui.setup().

Hey it looks like my problem was calling the functions after gui.setup, thank you so much for that little tidbit.