Scaling a model loaded with ofxAssimpModel

Hello, I’m loading a model through ofxAssimpModelLoader, and I need to scale proportionally, on the Y axis, to a defined length, let’s say to 30.0.

In order to scale the model to the defined length, i was thinking to simply get the dimension of the model, calculate the ratio between this dimension and my final lenght, and then multiplying the original dimension of the model for the ratio.

The problem that I’m facing is that ofxAssimpModelLoader does not provide a method to query the dimensions of the mesh contained in the model.
Any idea about how to proceed?

For now, I’m calculating the bounding box of the mesh to find out the dimensions. I think it would be helpful to have a getBoundingBox method in the ofMesh class. The discussion stopped ~1 year ago, but I’m glad to work on it if there is new feedback.


I usually do so:

but this method is extremely slow…