Scalability accross cores

I am looking at creating a multi-depth-camera application where images from each camera are captured in a threaded process. The tests I have done so far show that a single camera utilizes several cores of my cpu (4 core 8 thread), and can maintain a good frame rate. I test with 2 cameras are also pretty OK, but 3 or more cameras gives much lower frame rates.

As I am interested in scaling this up for more cameras. Is there anything I should be aware of when planning this? If I scale to a HEDT processor with say 24 cores with a similar clock rate to my current CPU, is it a comfortable assumption that this system would be able to handle 6 cameras (by virtue of having 6 times the cores)?

Is there any limitation inside OF that would stop this working?

Has anyone got any experience deploying projects made with OF on HEDT platforms like threadripper?