SBC alternatives


Now that seems not possible to get a bunch of rpi (3 or 4 dont mind) im searching for alternatives, did someone use oF in a similar price range sbc¿? I would like to know about performance and realibility

I’ve once had a LattePanda which runs windows 10 but never did anything useful and sold it soon after.
Why not possible? not available at the moment?

Not available and you can see estimated time on some models up to september next year

nvidia jetson family?
Jetson nano 4G is pretty strong.
A few tweaks needed(courtesy of @mad tutorial and @jvcleave for repo) to OF, but afterwards works like a charm.

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Yes, jetson boards worked nice, main problem is cost per unit.

In the past i was able to get 90% oF working on rockchip 3288 boards maybe i will return to those as seems not much to choose from

Anyone tested a Up board or a Udoo ?