Saying hello & small ask

I’m a full stack student who writes in VBA for work, whose gotten way too interested in Open Frameworks and the artistic possibilities with it.
I’m starting small right now, bouncing balls and rotating 3d objects. But I hope to create and really engage with the community moving forward.

Short term goal is to watch as much as I can on OF, and create small projects off of it. So far I’ve been browsing Dan Buzzo (search on youtube hes extraordinary), Lewis Lepton (also on youtube) who has made me laugh and understand smaller pieces better, lastly I’ve been greatly inspired by Junki Yoshi who posts their code online, and has a great twitter feed.
LMK if you have anyone that you get excited to see new stuff from! Would like to broaden my horizons.

My ask is what are you working on that excites you? And what kind of resources are you most reliant on when learning to create something new?

Thank you


Algorithmic compositions (audio and video) and their possibilities and limitations…

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That sounds rad! Can’t wait to see and hear it one day. Lmk if u have a snippet you want to share ready

Two examples for audio (both made with Pure Data):

One example for video (still experimental): Patch for generating video sequences with subtitles (.srt) and word2vec


These are so cool. The visual for the first one is so entrancing. Excited to see where this goes. Do you have a github I can follow?

@juicyjerry Thanks. Regarding resources: It helped me a lot to study the OF examples…
Other than that, this forum and Github.
Here is my Github account (quite messy, but I collected most of the stuff): Jonathhhan (Jonathan Frank) · GitHub

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Hey @juicyjerrry Welcome to oF forum - thanks for the very kind praise - very happy you like the videos.

to answer your question - i’m building loads of simple generative ‘landscapes’ running through a series that might be called ‘100 famous views of Neukölln’ (tongue in cheek reference to ‘100 famous views of Edo’ by Hiroshige One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

I’m also wandering (back) through algorithmic text generation using OCR - this time reading the text on the side of passing freight train wagons from moving trains (i think that’s where it will end up)

and having fun with the results - and exploring (maybe) making addons to bridge to apple’s VisionKit libraries (which is super new territory for me)


Thats nice, because I live in Neukölln :wink:

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