Saving ofcurves to vector pdf

Hi Folks

I’ve just discovered something a bit funny when I try and draw curves to a pdf, using ofDrawCurve().

Here’s what I see on screen:

but here’s what the vector pdf shows:

Sad face/droopy curves. Is it a bug? (also, the fonts are missing, a more minor issue)


A suggestion: You can open an issue on github with the minimal code to reproduce the issue, like just one curve and some way of saving it, lets say if pressing some key.

Sure, but it’s basically just:

ofBeginSaveScreenAsPDF(saveImageResult.filePath, false, false,outputsize);
ofDrawCurve(node.x+dist, node.y+num, node.x, node.y, end.x, end.y, end.x-dist, end.y+num);

Ok well I replaced ofDrawCurve() with ofDrawBezier() and it exported just fine (tho obvs I had to tweak the control points).

I don’t know but it seems like ofDrawCurve() is broken for pdf export.

Hello Sam, a minimal reproducible code will help others to quickly reproduce and investigate the problem if opportunity arises. with all your variables declared.
Something like the entire ofApp.cpp code. ex:

#include "ofApp.h"

void ofApp::setup(){

void ofApp::draw(){
	ofDrawCircle( ofRandom( ofGetWidth() ), ofRandom( ofGetHeight() ), 50, 50 );