Saving a sequence of images as a movie

For a project I am rendering ASCII Art like images from stills. What is the best way to export these images in a sequenced movie?

Have a look at ofxVideoRecorder which uses ffmpeg. This has worked well for me in the past.

Thanks! I got it up and running. It works well with a feed from my webcam, but if I change the code to addFrames using ofImages it scrambles the images, making it glitchy. Though it’s a nice effect, I’m not convinced to call it a “feature” and want to solve this bug. I have set the width/height of the ofImage exactly the same as the vidRecorder. Do you have similar experiences in the past and know the quick fix? some code below.


changed this into:

ofImage image = tool.getImage();
image.resize(vidRecorder.getWidth(), vidRecorder.getHeight());

Solved it.
Needed to also change the ofImageType to OF_IMAGE_COLOR